[October 2015]  Qi Zhang successfully defends his Ph.D.

[September 2015] Internship students will be accepted through TOMODACHI-STEM@Rice

[August 2015] Pandian Karuppasamy wins Undergraduate Poster Award at SCI Colloquium” by Smalley-Curl Institute

[August 2015] Xiaowei He successfully defends his Ph.D.

[August 2015] Xinwei Li honored for Best First-Year Research by Rice ECE

[July 2015] Cody Sewell starts working in Tonouchi’s group at Osaka University, Japan

[July 2015] Weilu Gao’s paper published in ACS Photonics

[May 2015] NanoJapan: An International Research Experience by Optics and Photonics News

[December 2014] “Kono named Optical Society fellow” by Rice News and feature in OSA

[August 2014] Test keeps graphene ‘pure’ enough for electronics” by Futurity

[August 2014] New test reveals purity of graphene” by Rice News

[June 2014] Nanotubes Capture Terahertz Radiation” by IEEE Spectrum

[June 2014] Developing terahertz detectors with carbon nanotubes: Improvements in MRIs on the horizon” by

[June 2014] Nanotubes boost terahertz detectors” by Rice News

[April 2014] “Rice, University of Tokyo Agree to Collaborate” by Rice News

[February 2014] Rice’s carbon nanotube fibers outperform copper” by Rice News

[January 2014]  “RAMBO a small but powerful magnet” by Rice News and featured in Futurity

[January 2014] 30-tesla pulsed magnet has internal optical access for spectroscopy” by Laser Focus World

[January 2014] RAMBO a small but powerful magnet” by Rice News and featured in Physics.Org

[December 2013] Scientists scale teharetz peaks in nanotubes” by Rice News

[November 2013] Flashes of brilliance” by Rice News and featured in Futurity

[August 2013] “NanoJapan a big experience” by Rice News

[July 2013] Broadband photodetector for polariized light” by Rice News and feature in Materials Today and

[February  2013] “Rice Builds nanotube photodetector” by Rice News

[February  2013] “Essential armchair reading for nanotube researchers” by Rice News

[June 2012]Electrified graphene a shutter for light” by Rice News

[January 2012] “Many bodies make one coherent burst of light” by Rice News

[June 2011] “The beat hoes on for NanoJapan program” by Rice News

[May 2011] “Reverse NanoJapan: Rice to host 25-30 Japanese students” by Rice News

[September 2010] “Rice University’s award-winning NanoJapan program wins $4M grant” by Rice News

[July 2009] “NanoJapan expands summer intern program” by Rice News

[January 2008] “Rice wins innovation award for international program” by Rice News

[December 2005] “Rice receives $2.2M for international program” by Rice News