NanoREIS: Research Experiences for International Students at Rice University

Graduate students and post-docs from former TeraNano PIRE partner institutions in Japan, or other countries, are welcome to apply to Rice University for unpaid, non-credit bearing, short-term research internships of 6 – 12 months in laboratories at Rice University. To be eligible, students must be able to meet all immigration requirements for J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa (graduate students or post-docs) and must be fully funded by home university, governmental scholarship/fellowship, personal funds or any combination thereof. Visiting short-term scholars/international research students at Rice must show financial support of at least $2,000 per month for the duration of time they will be at Rice. Immigration, required documentation, and minimum funding requirements are subject to change.

Partner Institutions:

Hokkaido University –CEED Program
Tohoku University
the University of Tokyo –GME Program
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Keio University
Chiba University
Osaka University
Osaka Institute of Technology
Tottori University

<South Korea>
Chungnam National University
Sungkyunkwan University

Zhejiang University
Peking University

IIT, Bombay
Indian Inst. of Sci. Ed. & Res. Kolkata
SRM University

NanoREIS Participants to Date

Since 2008, the NSF TeraNano PIRE Center has brought over 100 international students to Rice University for research internships of up to 12 months. Participating students include 15 women (12 from Japan), 1 Assistant Professor, 6 Post-Doctoral Researchers, 18 Ph.D. students, 57 Master’s students, 19 undergraduates and 2 university administrators. Students conduct research in a range of Rice University laboratories and centers within the School of Engineering and School of Natural Sciences.

Japan South Korea China India
Hokkaido University -40 Chungnam National University -1 Zhejiang University -3 IIT, Bombay -1
Tohoku University -12 Sungkyunkwan University -1 Peking University -1 Indian Inst. of Science Education & Research, Kolkata -1
University of Tokyo -13 SRM University -4
Tokyo Inst. of Tech. -1
Keio University -3
Chiba University -5
Osaka University -8
Osaka Inst. of Tech. -2
Tottori University -7