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[August 2020]  Rice’s RAMBO-II: A sequel better than the original

[June 2020]  Nicolas’ contributed abstract upgraded to a KEYNOTE talk at IRMMW-THz!!

[March 2020]  Groovy key to nanotubes in 2D

[March 2020]  Banning carbon nanotubes would be scientifically unjustified and damaging to innovation

[March 2020]  Takuma’s contributed abstract upgraded to an invited talk at CLEO

[January 2020]  Study finds billions of quantum entangled electrons in ‘strange metal’

[July 2019]  Rice device channels heat into light (published in ACS Photonics; see also, Revolution-Green, and Futurity)

[May 2019]  Xinwei Li’s contributed abstract upgraded to an invited talk at CLEO!

[April 2019]  Xinwei Li successfully defends his Ph.D.

[April 2019]  Takuma Makihara receives Goldwater Scholarship!

[August 2018]  Rice U. Lab Finds Evidence of Matter-Matter Coupling (published in Science; see also EurekAlert!Science

[June 2018]  Rice signs MOU with Federal University of Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées (see also President Leebron’s tweet)

[May 2018]  Xinwei Li receives Incubic Milton Chang Travel Grant at 2018 CLEO Conference (picture in the photo page)

[May 2018]  Scientists Go Deep to Quantify Perovskite Properties (published in Nature Communications; see also Rice MSNE)

[April 2018] ‘Exceptional’ Research Points Way Toward Quantum Discoveries (published in Nature Photonics; see also EurekAlert!)

[April 2018] Quantum Shift Shows Itself in Coupled Light and Matter (published in Nature Photonics; see also EurekAlert!)

[April 2018] Trailer prepared for Dr. Kono’s summer online course, ELEC 261: Electronic Materials and Quantum Devices

[March 2018] Plasmons Triggered in Nanotube Quantum Wells (published in Nature Communications; see also

[January 2018]  Kankan Cong successfully defends her Ph.D.

[December 2017] “Evidence for a topological excitonic insulator in InAs/GaSb bilayers” by Lingjie Du, Xinwei Li, et al. published in Nature Communications (also featured in Rice News and EurekAlert! ).

[August 2017]  Ahmed Zubair successfully defends his Ph.D.

[May 2017] The DOE Office of Science published a highlight about our research: “Well-Aligned and Densely Packed”

[April 2017] Weilu Gao was awarded the Chinese National Scholarship for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad

[January 2017] Prof. Kono featured in Rice Engineering News “Kono: ‘Teaching and Research are parts of the same activity'”

[December 2016] “Single-shot terahertz time-domain spectroscopy in pulsed high magnetic fields” by Tim Noe, Fumiya Katsutani, et al. accepted for publication in Optics Express

[December 2016] “Giant Terahertz-Wave Absorption by Monolayer Graphene in a Total Internal Reflection Geometry” by Yoichi Harada, Minjie Wang, Tim Noe, et al. accepted for publication in ACS Photonics

[August 2016] “Collective nonperturbative coupling of 2D electrons with high-Q terahertz cavity photons” by Qi Zhang, Minhan Lou, Xinwei Li, et al. published in Nature Physics

[August 2016] Light and matter merge in quantum coupling” by Rice News and featured on Department of Energy Office of Science website

[August 2016]  Minjie Wang successfully defends her Ph.D.

[June 2016] “Students meet Ambassador Caroline Kennedy” by Rice News

[May 2016]  Dr. Xiaowei He wins this year’s Best Ph.D. Thesis Award

[April 2016]  Weilu Gao successfully defends his Ph.D.

[April 2016] Nanotubes line up to form films” by Rice News, Futurity,, Nanotechnology Now, IEEE Spectrum, Nano Daily

[April 2016] Xiaowei He and Weilu Gao’s paper published in Nature Nanotechnology

[April  2016] Manjakavahoaka’s paper has been selected in Spotlight on Optics “Probing low-density carriers in a single atomic layer using terahertz parallel-plate waveguidesby OSA

[February  2016] Grant Program for Global Research Internship (Nakatani RIES Fellowship)

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